0ccam (0ccam) wrote,

Movie Theater etiquette

I was listening to TWiG and Alamo Drafthouse's policy of no Google Glass came up for discussion.

As it happens, they have a policy about no cellphones too.

They played something with a girl griping about getting thrown out for texting.

Then one of the hosts said that to go out, she has to have her phone available in case the babysitter calls.

OK. So you don't get to go to Alamo Drafthouse.

All my life I've had this opinion: If you have a child, you've given up some freedoms. YOU gave them up. Don't inflict your attempt to work around this on the rest of the general public. Don't bring your baby to the movie. No only will all the other moviegoers be irritated, but it can't be a good idea to take a baby to a loud movie. 
Tags: etiquette
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